Data modeling & SAS

Data Modeling

Understanding your business starts with data. And your data needs to be well structured to enable an efficient analysis and reporting process.

Intelligate offers valuable data modelling expertise – whether you are building a full-scale data warehouse or if you work with smaller sets of data.

Regardless of data storage (DB2, SAS, SQL, even Excel) and technical platform, we manage the modelling process and improve the data structure from the initial design, build and test stages to the practical implementation, daily maintenance and major enhancements.

While we specialize in SAS based solutions, our true strength is in providing a clear understanding of data and using any data management platform to get the most value out of your business data.


In SAS, I can perform ad hoc analysis or build more long term solutions. If you need a quick run through of your current business or you need a long lasting solution for management reports – I can build it for you!

I have over 12 years experience of working with SAS. I operate SAS Base, SAS SPD, SAS EG, SAS DI Studio, SAS batch, SAS macro – and will design the solution according to your needs.

My strength is in understanding data, and using SAS to get the most value out of your business data.